Since 2011, TANYA HEATH Paris has been bringing you the most comfortable convertible heels in the world.

Enjoy a shopping experience where the creator is you.

Use the chat for a personalized experience from me or explore the collection on your own.

I find it easiest to first choose your shoes; then choose your heels. 

Have Fun Shopping!


First, you choose your shoes

Our shoes and heels are sold separately so that you only buy what you love and what you want to wear! 

European hand-crafted pumps, sandals, and boots work with every single beautiful hand-finished heel in the TANYA HEATH Paris collection. We offer sandals, pumps, wedding shoes, work shoes, low boots, booties, boots and even a super sexy thigh-high. 

Then, you choose your heels

It’s better to start with 2-3 pairs of heels so that you can experience the versatility.

1 or 2 pairs of shoes and a few pairs of heels take you from the office to parties, to weddings, to travel and everywhere that you want to go. 

8 Heel Styles

With our latest Renaud heel, you can now choose from 8 different heel styles that are available in painted, metal, leather and vegan finishes. The possibilities are endless, and we are sure to have several options that are right for you.

Each heel is finished by hand in Europe and the heels will last for years. To help you find that perfect heel, shop by size, then preferred heel height, then color.

3 Heel Sizes

Size ranges correspond to your shoe size: 

Range 1 is for shoes sizes 4.5 - 6

Range 2 is for shoes sizes 6.5 – 8.75

Range 3 is for shoes sizes 9 – 10

This might sound complicated but don’t worry, if you make a mistake when ordering, we will be in touch to make sure you get the right heel.

Changing Heels Takes Seconds

Press the black button on the inside of the shoe to release the heel. It's positioned deep in the insole to ensure that the heel stays securely on your shoe when you walk.

To insert a different heel, simply slide it in. Don’t hesitate to use a bit of force and speed. A click indicates the heels have been correctly attached to the shoe. Double-check by pulling hard on the heel.

We test every pair of shoes and heels before shipping them. The heels have been designed to support up to 400 kg and the heel attach system will work up to 5000 times. This will give you ample opportunity to enjoy your shoes for years to come.

Remember, every heel can be interchanged with every shoe!