How It Works

First, you choose your shoes

As pumps, sandals, and boots can be worn with any heel in the TANYA HEATH Paris collection, shoes and heels are sold separately. This gives you complete choice to create a personalized shoe and heel collection. 

Then, you choose your heels

Removeable Heel Style Choices
We have 7 heel styles and hundreds of heels choices. With over 400 variations of colors, metallized, leather and vegan finishes, the possibilities are endless. 

Removeable Heel Size Chart

 We offer 3 heel ranges that correspond to a different shoe size. When you place your order make sure to order the correct size. If you make a mistake no worries, we will write to you to make the right change.

Interchanging Heel System

You may interchange any of your shoes and heels at any time. To change a heel you simply press on the black button in the inside of the shoes and pull out the heel. To insert a brand new heel slide it back in with a bit of force and a bit of speed. We test every single pair of shoes and heels before sending them to you.