A Revolutionary Approach to Women's Footwear


Our brand commitment is to make a shoe that adapts to the many aspects of our client's life. Investing in a pair of timeless shoes that can be worn with any heel height, style and pattern in the collection, gives her endless options for every day, every occasion and for many years. We want our clients to consume smarter, having more options with less in her closet. 

We have a social conscience. Our shoes are handmade in Portugal where the craftspeople earn a living wage. We use only the finest French, Italian and Spanish leathers, so as to work with suppliers that adhere to European environmental standards. It goes without saying that we only use leathers from animals that are part of the food chain, meaning we will not use leathers from animals that have been bred only for their skins. We are also committed to providing cruelty free options. 

We have a small but growing assortment of vegan footwear that is as beautiful, luxurious and comfortable as the rest of our collection.
After 3 years of research and development, 14 engineers, 3 shoe designers and technicians, and endless prototypes, Tanya’s tenacity paid off. Today, our footwear includes pumps, sandals, boots and even vegan styles, where you can switch the heel height and style between them all whenever you need to.


To change the heels, just slide any of our heels into any shoe until you hear a 'click'.  Make sure you hear the click so you know the heel is secure. 

 To remove the heel, find the secret button near the heel insole. Press deep into the button (use your thumb until you get the hang of it) and slide out the heel simultaneously.
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