A Revolutionary Approach to Women's Footwear


After 3 years of research and development, 14 engineers, 3 shoe designers and technicians, and endless prototypes, Tanya’s tenacity paid off.

Today, our footwear includes pumps, sandals, boots and even vegan styles, where you can switch the heel height and style between them all whenever you need to.


Tanya Heath set out to make a shoe that is as comfortable as it is versatile. Investing in a pair of timeless shoes that can be worn with any heel height, style and pattern in the collection give you endless options for every day, every occasion and for many years.

We want you to be able to consume smarter, having more options with less in your closet.

We hope that these are the only heels that you'll ever buy again!

The World's First Interchangeable Heel

Select the interchangeable shoes and heels that work for your lifestyle. Slide a heel into any shoe until you hear a 'click'. 

Store your change of heels in our velvet pouch in your work or travel bag so that you are prepared for all of life's adventures.

For a quick change, remove the heel by using our secret button near the heel insole. Your friends will be amazed!