Packaging & Shipping

Our approach to packaging is coherent with our values so it's functional, not a showstopper.

Our boxes protect your shoes during transportation, and you can use them at home but are paired down. We use less paper, no magnets, and a back-to-basic design.

This makes them 5 times less expensive than the shoe boxes traditionally used by premium brands, savings we pass on to you in the final price.

Our shopping bags and heel pouches are made out of fabric and are designed to be re-usable.

Our shipping supplies include recycled tissue and brown paper, and our box is sealed in a 100% compostable bag.

Finally, we are quirky when it comes to shipping boxes. I used to put each shoe box in a cardboard box. However, after a late delivery from our carton supplier, I was forced to improvise, and I wrapped all shipments in brown craft paper. The result was better than expected. The packages were protected during delivery, and they were lighter, reducing the weight on the plane and the cost of shipping each package. It was a win-win decision, and I haven’t turned back.

Sometimes I do need to use a box to send your order, when I do, I hope you won’t be offended, but chances are it’s a re-used box. There is just way too much packaging being produced for single usage and this is my way of making a difference.