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I gave up plastic water bottles and reached for glass long ago. Still today, every time I throw away packaging or empty the recycle bin, I'm reminded of how much waste my family generates daily.

If you are like me, it makes your stomach turn to see the waste and makes your head spin to think about how to be a more thoughtful consumer. I decided to make some conscious decisions regarding my own consumption. And, I want to help my clients consume better and more thoughtfully. As a TANYA HEATH shoe fan, the invention of the multi-height shoe and interchangeable heels by Tanya Heath has forever changed the way my clients consume.  Here is why:

1. Wearability

When you buy a pair of TANYA HEATH shoes, you are making the investment knowing that you will wear your new shoes much more often! Since you create your shoe, you are far more likely to select heel heights, patterns, and styles that are super comfortable and work better for your lifestyle.  Whether a new college grad building a career wardrobe or a working mom trying to balance life, wearing a shoe that's comfortable and let's you select your heel height, gives you a shoe you can and should wear everyday. Why not buy and wear your shoes 3, 4 or even 5 times as often as what's in your closet today?

2. Timeless

TANYA HEATH shoes are sourced from beautiful, long-lasting materials. Our leathers come from the best tanneries in Italy. We use amazing Italian fabrics with our vegan options. Each pair has a rubber coating to protect the sole from moisture. We design our shoes to be timeless, rather than on trend, while allowing our heels to provide the pop of color or explosion of creativity. In summary, your timeless TANYA HEATH shoes will last for years; not sitting in your closet, but on your feet, helping you conquer your everyday.

3. Versatility

Have you ever purchased a beautiful sandal to work with a particular dress?  Whether you spent $50 or $500 on the beautiful and bedazzled purchase, it typically sits in the closet hoping for it's next spin around the dance floor.  Instead, how about buying a beautiful, hand-crafted leather, TANYA HEATH sandal with a stunning heel that finishes your outfit like a beautiful piece of jewelry. Once the event is past, don't put the shoes in the back of your closet, switch out the heel, and wear the sandal with jeans, shorts or a sundress.  With TANYA HEATH, every shoe is an everyday shoe.

The old adage less is more is true. Since my first multi-height investment, I came to the realization that I have 35 pairs of shoes that I have little use for. In place, I have my favorite TANYA HEATH shoes and a tray of heels that interchange with each. My closet is less cluttered and a lot more fun, and I feel better knowing that I'm buying smart and thoughtfully.

Enamored by the idea of consuming better, I have brought Tanya's shoe to the United States. If you have any questions about our products and materials, please feel free to reach out. I help clients across the country and would be happy to help you too.

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