TripleFlair: A Traveler's Dream

TripleFlair: A Traveler's Dream

I am happy to introduce you to TripleFlair--inspired, designed, and produced by TANYA HEATH US client Carolina. 

TripleFlair is inspired by Carolina's experiences traveling to over 25 countries, navigating the challenge of packing for various occasions – from beach outings to work events – all within a single trip!.  The questions kept recurring: "How am I going to dress for different scenarios with just one bag, limited weight, and space?"  

TripleFlair embodies the same versatility, customizability, and interchangeability for ready-to-wear as TANYA HEATH Paris does for shoes! Look fabulous and feel good with fewer pieces and more options. Each style is thoughtfully designed to be worn in many ways, ensuring that your wardrobe is unique, fashionable, and incredibly versatile. Notice the model's shoes on the TripleFlair model.

TripleFlair's mission extends beyond fashion; it aligns with ethical values and a commitment to eco-conscious practices. Manufactured in NYC, Carolina is dedicated to fostering positive change within the fashion industry. 

Join me in congratulating Carolina on her launch and check out TripleFlair.




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