The Future of Footwear, Customizable shoes and heels with an Easy Pricing Model at TANYA HEATH Paris

TANYA HEATH Paris Design Your Own Shoe with an easy price built in.
Welcome to the future of footwear - TANYA HEATH Paris. I understand that you lead a multifaceted life, juggling a hectic schedule that demands adaptability in your shoes and wardrobe. That's why I've introduced a groundbreaking pricing model that allows you to design your shoes and heels to perfectly suit your lifestyle.
  • For each ethically sourced Shoe you choose
  • Select the Heel for your shoe. Select from over 400 heights, patterns and colors at no extra charge.
  • Available only at 

You will truly be building a one-of-a kind shoe. Our collection of sandals, pumps, and boots ranges in price from $248-$380. The price includes your choice of heels. Keep in mind that our shoes are handcrafted in Portugal. Our leathers are the best lambskins sourced from Italy, certified by The Leather Working Group for commitment to environmental standards.
Our heels are done in small batches, made from Italian remnant leathers. Additional heels may be purchased for $45-55.
Of course, you can find some exceptional savings in our Clearance collection, where shoes start at $79.
Join other savvy women who have found a game-changing solution to their shoe dilemmas with TANYA HEATH Paris. If you'd like assistance with your custom shoe and heel combination, please reach out to me and I'm happy to assist.



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