Upcycling & DIY

For sustainability to be meaningful and truly take hold, experts agree that you the client have an even bigger role to play.

The single greatest impact that you can make to improve the environmental and social impact of what you wear, is to stop buying fast fashion, to wear what you own, and to wear it a lot!

The shoe styles are timeless and built to last.

Thanks to the interplay between our concept and our styling TANYA HEATH Paris has gone further than any other brand in the world to help you do this. By switching out heels, you are in fact, creating more use for your shoes. You won’t need to buy as many shoes that fester at the back of your closet because the shoe you have can be worn in so many places.

Most of our leather heel wraps are made from upcycled materials--they come from remnants from luxury Italian leather factories. Additionally, if a heel wrap becomes worn out or you no longer care for it, you can simply have it re-wrapped in a new pattern. Contact us to inquire.

How to care for your heels

If your shoes need care do not hesitate to take them to your cobbler. Please explain that the heels come off, but the shoes can be cared for. You will find more specific information on shoe care here.

We have also created some fun videos for people who would like to create their own heel finishes on an existing pair of heels. This is a great way of up-cycling something that might have been scuffed or breathing new life into something you don’t wear as much.

Thank you client extraordinaire @mpastinelli for sharing your expertise.