Christophe 1.8" Prints & Patterns for Shoe Size 6 or less

Christophe Removeable Block Heel

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Pachira Kaleidoscope
Paradise Flower Gold
Red Baroque
Mosaic Black
Mosaic Brown
Blue Tartan
Pink Fenz
Stylist Choice--we will select a pattern that looks great with your shoe
Melody Blue
Paradise Flower White
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Our 1.8" stacked removeable heel makes Christophe our most comfortable heel for driving and walking longer distances. Carry a pair of Christophe heels in your handbag for a quick change.

Heels are designed to fit with precision into your shoes for safety. Make sure to select the HEEL SIZE that corresponds to your SHOE SIZE. 

Shoe Size 6 or less = HEEL SIZE 1

Shoe Size 6.5 -8.75 = HEEL SIZE 2

Shoe Size 9 or greater = HEEL SIZE 3