4 Days in Paris

Bonjour! It was an absolute joy to visit the City of Love and Light after a long time away! I found Paris to be welcoming, beautiful and everything and more than I remember from past visits. Walking over 30 miles in four days, I'd like to share a few highlights. 

MEET THE FOUNDER: After only having met via zoom, meeting Tanya Heath in person did not disappoint. Energy and charisma evident, we talked for five hours over lunch and could have kept going had the restaurant not started to fill up with dinner guests. She also brought me a surprise--my first pair of Renaud Heels!  I think you will all love the new, modern, sturdy, 2.5" walking heel that will be on the website soon.

FASHION & SHOPPING: Watching the passersby and visiting La Samaritaine, Le Bon Marche and Galleries Lafayette, the message is consistent. There is much 80's influence across styles, colors and silhouettes. Everyone is wearing a blazer--fitted, oversized, long or short--with skirts, shorts, dresses and jeans. Lots of vibrant pinks, greens, and head-toe white dominate the color palette. In shoe news, women are wearing metallic. I was pleased to see lots of pink metallic, reassuring me that our Deyi in Diva Pink captures the moment.

SIGHTSEEING: I've always loved the parks in Paris. With the weather warm and the rose festival underway, I was blown away by the beauty of the Parc de Bagatelle located in Parc de Bourgogne. I also enjoyed finding a nice chair in the Jardin du Luxembourg and watching the children sail boats in the fountain and people watching while eating a few wonderful macarons.

FRENCH OPEN: If we've met in person, you know that tennis is my passion.  After many trips to the U.S. Open, this was my maiden voyage to the French. I loved that Roland Garros was smaller, prettier, less crowded than the Flushing Meadows. And there's no better tennis than to watch Rafael Nadal live on a clay court! Even though it's now checked off my bucket list, I do plan to return!

DINING: I love that the French don't rush their meals!  Every wonderful meal is even better when given the opportunity to linger through conversation and enjoy multiple courses under the stars. 

I continue to be enamored with French culture, the simple pleasures, and the joie de vivre of the French people. I hope that someday I am able to immerse myself in joys of Paris for a more extended period. For those ready to travel to France again, Paris is calling your name.




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