Adele, Sofia, Eugenie...Oh, the Places these Gals will Go!

Eugenie Boot with Tall Denis Block Heel and Katarina Nedeljkovic

You may know that our shoe styles are named after women in Tanya's life. Did you know that the heel styles (i.e. Christophe, Damien, Denis) are also named after men in Tanya's life?

Recently a dear friend texted me that she was taking three friends on vacation--Adele, Sofia and Eugenie. Debbie and I had a good laugh about her traveling with shoe companions.  COVID travel restrictions upended her plans so she ended up only needing to take one of the girl friends.  When I asked her which men she'd be taking, she replied with 4! How cool is that?  One girl friend, four boy friends and lots of fun ways to wear your collection.

These shoes and heels love to travel. Wherever your destination in 2022, take some shoe friends along too. I encourage you to share photos of you and your friends on holiday by email and on Social Media @tanyaheathus and #tanyaheathus.  


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