My California Adventure with TANYA HEATH Paris

I'm now fully vaccinated and so I've taken the opportunity with the summer break from school to travel to new places. Since I'm the type that likes to be prepared for anything, I tend to overpack, especially when I don't know what to expect while visiting destinations that I’ve never been to before. So, when I booked my flight to Palo Alto, my first time on the west coast, I packed for literally every occasion possible.

I packed both my vegan Jess sandal and Adeline vegan booty, along with multiple heels so I could dress up or dress down without a second thought. I also made sure to pack some sneakers for walking San Francisco's streets and hills, and boots for hiking in the Muir Woods (If you love to hike, I highly recommend Muir Woods, by the way).

With my shoes and outfits packed, I comfortably traveled California's Palo Alto area. For daytime exploring in the warmer weather, I stuck to my Jess shoes with a low heel or my sneakers. My THP shoes were perfect for chilly San Francisco photo opportunities and for a chic look at dinner. Since I wasn’t familiar with the area, I carried multiple heels in a small backpack so I would have plenty of options.  

I do have to say one of my favorite parts of the trip in California was taking this photo on Baker Beach, which has a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. I didn’t realize how chilly San Francisco can be, and I felt ridiculous wearing shorts in the breeze. Although it was a cloudy day, I had a fun time taking pictures in my shoes on the beach and enjoying a new favorite place.

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