Travel Adventures with Barbie Part II....the Joy of Jackson Hole and TANYA HEATH Paris


Recently, I was in Wyoming visiting the beautiful mountains, amazing wildlife and picturesque landscape for which Jackson Hole is most famous. I packed my vegan Adeline and Jess shoes and a handful of fun heels to switch up looks depending on the walking, weather and outfit. 

It wasn’t the first time that I took my THP shoes on vacation! I’ve also traveled to Florida (my hometown), D.C. (where I go to school), New Jersey (where I have a lot of family), and a host of other places. I’ve noticed that my favorite thing about the TANYA HEATH Paris is not the comfort, not the feeling of empowerment, not the style, but the absolute joy people have when they discover that the shoes have removeable heels!

My aunt was the one who introduced me to THP, and I fell in love with the brand because of the innovative and sustainable idea of switching heels with shoes. I remember begrudgingly taking off her Jess heels when I wanted to run away with them. Now, I’ve been grateful to share that same joy with others!. Do people also stop you like they stop me and compliment the shoes? I always respond enthusiastically, and I always take off my shoes to show them how they have removeable heels. I now carry a separate set of heels whenever I wear them, in anticipation of being stopped. 

Seeing the joy and enthusiasm people have for THP and the innovative technology makes me feel even more delighted with my purchase. It’s one of the most fun ways to bring joy into someone’s life.

And, let’s be honest, how many people are expecting someone to take off their shoes to change the heel? 

Yours in Heels,



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