Sustainable by Design

TANYA HEATH Paris has been committed to sustainability for over 10 years, before anyone in the fashion industry even cared. Tanya's values permeate every single aspect of the shoe's and heel's life-cycle, from conception, to manufacturing, to buying, sending and wearing, right through to up-cycling and end-of life. The shoes are made in Portuguese family-owned factories where artisans earn a living wage. Heels are wrapped by hand, often with upcycled leathers from other European luxury brands.

New leathers adhere to strict environmental standards and suppliers are chosen based on their environmental accreditations. Vegan fabrics come from Italy and Portugal and are often made from recycled plastics.

The brand has even created DIY tutorials to help their clients up-cycled used heels so that they can love them all over again.

Upcycled Leathers for Heel Wraps


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