Lessons from Sarah Jessica Parker (aka Carrie Bradshaw)

This is a re-post of a newsletter originally written by Tanya Heath. I am re-posting all of this great information for our U.S. clients.

Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of Sex in the City

Everyone is talking about the re-boot of Sex and the City 2021. Caught up in the craze, Tanya recently read an interview with Sarah Jessica Parker.

"For ten or so years, I literally ran in heels.  I worked 18-hour days and never took them off.  I wore beautiful shoes, some better made than others, and never complained."

After twisting her ankle on the set of I Don't Know How She Does It, in which she wore less expensive shoes to be true to her working mom character, SJP concludes; "The moral of the story is, the chickens are coming home to roost.  It's sad, because my feet took me all over the world, but eventually they were like, you know what we are really tired, can you just stop and don't put cheap shoes on us?"

Does this sound like it could have happened to you?

We make sure that this won't happen to our clients. Our first action towards your comfort is also the most fundamental Unlike Carrie, with our shoes, you don't ever have to walk in a high heel again, unless you really want to. You can change between all of the heel heights that we offer from high, to low, to medium and from a black heel to a stiletto heel all on the same shoe.  Your feet will thank you!

Materials.  You will only find butter-soft leathers in our collection, UNLESS otherwise specified.  The interaction between our leathers and our heat sensitive linings means that after a few hours our shoes will mold to your foot.

Memory Foam!  This magic material brought to us from NASA can't be compressed, so as your day progresses your shoes stay as fresh as your feet will feel. Under every single insole in every single pair of shoes we make is a layer of Italian memory foam which will cushion you as you walk.
Shoe lasts.  These are the forms that shoes are made on.  In the beginning I listened to the "experts", but clients complained that our shoes were too tight, so I took matters into my own hands and insisted that our lasts be 2 extra CM at the metatarsal.   Since then most of you agree that our fit is comfortable! 
Anti-slip soles.  This might sound like a trivial detail but when you are walking on a wet surface or leaves, you will be happy to know that every pair of shoes has a anti-slip sole glued using the latest nano-technology so that you won't lose your balance and slip and fall. If you have ever taken a pair to the cobbler to have an anti-slip sole put on, you will know the value of this detail.

I hope that you enjoyed these bits of product information.  Please let us know any questions that you'd like addressed about our production process or sustainability practices.




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    Cheryl: June 12, 2022

    Thank you for the details on the shoes .
    I do hope to purchase a pair sometime.

    Wheee I live sandals are almost a year round wear.
    Has a toe post design been considered?
    or a last from a lower to mid high , rather than high heel -?which would allow a very casual low to dressier medium heel?
    please notify where showings will be upcoming.

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